Uniform Exposure

These guys sure know how to make work a lot more fun. Each time they have some free time on their hands they get together to bang their asses in the storage room. Being the last two guys hired there made them get a bit closer and after spending so much time together, the guys found out that they are both into dudes. After that talk, things got a lot more interesting at work and the guys found the way to make it interesting. Not a lot of guys got access to the storage room so that gave them all the privacy they needed. As you can see below these guys don’t mess around and when they play they don’t have any mercy. Their extra big dicks put to work is the best thing we saw lately and you guy gotta check it out too, you won’t be sorry, trust us.

Seeing the hot black jock taking his friend’s big dick up his ass and then returning the favor made our day a lot-lot better. Today during their lunch break the horny guys went to the empty storage room again and you can see below just how good things can get between them. Make sure you guys see everything that goes down between them in the gallery below. We’ll bring you more extrabigdicks in the future updates so stay tuned for the next update!


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