Relieving Workplace Tension

This guy takes really good care of his employees, maybe a bit too much care if you ask us. This guy has his own methods of relieving tension at the workplace, in other words, what means fucking your employees from time to time in the storage room and trying out their extra big dicks. But that time to time turned out to be more often than you might think. The horny boss was always looking for a guy to take in the back room and have some fun with. But things always work out for him because guys come and go every day there, so there’s always a fresh ass to bang.

This poor guy didn’t really know how things work around there so when his boss sent him to the storage room he actually thought that he was putting him to work. His boss didn’t leave him with too many options it was either this or he could start looking for anther job. Well, you can see his answer in the preview below. The jock was undressed and then got his dick jerked off and sucked off by his horny boss. He didn’t have a lot of work to do there but his boss didn’t stop there and soon after that, he got to hammer his fine ass too on one of the mattresses around there. Make sure you check it out the scene entirely!


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