Put It In Coach

We are back in the locker room with two more jocks getting down and dirty. This sleazy coach just can’t get enough of these extra big dicks and bangs his guys as often as he can. Everyone around there knew how the coach loves pounding asses and usually, he got his hands on the last guy. The new guy didn’t know that and once everyone left the locker he ended up being alone with the coach. He couldn’t get out of it without getting kicked out of the team so he did the best he could to please his horny coach. Luckily for him, the coach did all the hard work as you can see below. Before he could say or do anything the coach already grabbed his dick and stared jerking him off.

You gotta hand it to him, he really did a great job, but the best part is yet to come. After the coach got what he wanted, he moved to his ass and there’s where all the magic happen. Seeing his bang his fine ass in the middle of the locker room made our day a lot better and we hope it will do the same for you. You can see all the nasty things that went down between them in the exclusive gallery we have prepared for you guys below. This is all for today but we got more extrabigdicks for you guys. See you tomorrow!


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