Uniform Exposure

These guys sure know how to make work a lot more fun. Each time they have some free time on their hands they get together to bang their asses in the storage room. Being the last two guys hired there made them get a bit closer and after spending so much time together, the guys found out that they are both into dudes. After that talk, things got a lot more interesting at work and the guys found the way to make it interesting. Not a lot of guys got access to the storage room so that gave them all the privacy they needed. As you can see below these guys don’t mess around and when they play they don’t have any mercy. Their extra big dicks put to work is the best thing we saw lately and you guy gotta check it out too, you won’t be sorry, trust us.

Seeing the hot black jock taking his friend’s big dick up his ass and then returning the favor made our day a lot-lot better. Today during their lunch break the horny guys went to the empty storage room again and you can see below just how good things can get between them. Make sure you guys see everything that goes down between them in the gallery below. We’ll bring you more extrabigdicks in the future updates so stay tuned for the next update!


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Extra Big Dicks – Public Hole

We got another great one for you guys! These guys had some fun in one of the public bathrooms last night. They couldn’t keep their extra big dicks to themselves so they had some one on one action in the bathroom. The two hot jocks were in the same pub and after exchanging a few looks they bumped into each other in the bathroom. No straight guy is going to check out another dude that often so the question if they are gay, is off the table. Once they saw that they had the entire bathroom to themselves they made the best they could. They went to a bathroom stall and got to know one another better.

It’s no surprise that these two ended up slamming their asses. We didn’t get too much action from public places lately so this is a good start. The cute black guy couldn’t get his hands of the big dick in front of him and after he sucking it dry he got to take it up his ass also. This actually was a public hole and we got all the dirt in the gallery below. It was a really fun scene to check out and like you said earlier you can get to see it entirely by following the link below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy updates. Stay tuned for more extrabigdick scenes!


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The Tantalizing Therapist

Hey there and welcome back! When you gotta see a therapist why not make it fun? Instead of doing their exercises these guys decided to put their extra big dicks to work in the best way possible. This therapist takes care of athletes and you have to keep them entertained if you want them to come more than once. Well, this type of entertainment keeps us all on our toes waiting to see what comes next. This guy took it to the next level, but he had the personnel to do it. These guys are gay as the days is long so half of his work was done.


These guys didn’t come to him to do more boring stuff so when the therapist made his first move the guys were all over him. What better way to spend your afternoons than fucking in your doctor’s office. This is what we call really good therapy! The youngsters couldn’t wait for their meeting and to get the doc’s extra big dick up their tight asses. Well, it also helped that the doctor looks this good, he’s young, hot and has a really big dick. These tantalizing therapy sessions are a must see and we can’t wait to see the next to see the horny doctor with his new patients. If you want more you make sure yo see some of the older extrabigdicks updates!

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Extra Big Dicks – Janitor Service

Janitor services around here are top notch! These guys are lucky enough to have such a hard working janitor there to take care of their extra big dicks whenever they need him to. The black jock has been around for a while and after he and the coach got more than one private meeting, he started taking care of the rest of the team as well. The other day after their practice was over he got to service another player from the team. After his teammates left the place the black jock made his move and offered his services to the guy. And his services are the best you can find!

He really needed to get rid of all the tension and this seems a pretty good way to do it. The janitor got down to work and soon after that as you can see you have the ripped jock getting his dick sucked by him while wanking off his extra big dick. Janitor services have really changed lately and they are getting better and better. But the best isn’t this, when he started pounding his little white ass it’s when things get a lot more interesting. This is his first black dick and he got it started it in the best way possible. You know what they say about black dudes. See the entire extrabigdicks scene by following the link below!


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Relieving Workplace Tension

This guy takes really good care of his employees, maybe a bit too much care if you ask us. This guy has his own methods of relieving tension at the workplace, in other words, what means fucking your employees from time to time in the storage room and trying out their extra big dicks. But that time to time turned out to be more often than you might think. The horny boss was always looking for a guy to take in the back room and have some fun with. But things always work out for him because guys come and go every day there, so there’s always a fresh ass to bang.

This poor guy didn’t really know how things work around there so when his boss sent him to the storage room he actually thought that he was putting him to work. His boss didn’t leave him with too many options it was either this or he could start looking for anther job. Well, you can see his answer in the preview below. The jock was undressed and then got his dick jerked off and sucked off by his horny boss. He didn’t have a lot of work to do there but his boss didn’t stop there and soon after that, he got to hammer his fine ass too on one of the mattresses around there. Make sure you check it out the scene entirely!


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Extra Big Dicks – Huge Property

In this one, we got a huge property to present to you guys and some extra big dicks as well. Working in real estate is a pretty good job if you like meeting new guys especially when things turn out so good. One of the best things about this job is definitely fucking clients in the house you just rented to them. This it’s what we call a good day at work. They are both young and in a mood for fun so this turned out to be a match made in heaven. The young agent had a new house that he had to rent and his client today is this young business man that looked way too hot to pass on. It wasn’t too ethical but who cares?


The guys met in front of the property and after a tour of the house decided to take the place so that was the perfect excuse to celebrate the purchase. When you think about celebrating you think about a glass or two, these guys had a different plan in mind. There actually was a glass or two but that lead to a completely different thing and soon after they finished drinking they ended up on the living room table banging their asses. Oh, these guys sure know how to take the celebration to a new level. It would’ve been such a waste not to see their extrabigdicks at work. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more updates!

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Put It In Coach

We are back in the locker room with two more jocks getting down and dirty. This sleazy coach just can’t get enough of these extra big dicks and bangs his guys as often as he can. Everyone around there knew how the coach loves pounding asses and usually, he got his hands on the last guy. The new guy didn’t know that and once everyone left the locker he ended up being alone with the coach. He couldn’t get out of it without getting kicked out of the team so he did the best he could to please his horny coach. Luckily for him, the coach did all the hard work as you can see below. Before he could say or do anything the coach already grabbed his dick and stared jerking him off.

You gotta hand it to him, he really did a great job, but the best part is yet to come. After the coach got what he wanted, he moved to his ass and there’s where all the magic happen. Seeing his bang his fine ass in the middle of the locker room made our day a lot better and we hope it will do the same for you. You can see all the nasty things that went down between them in the exclusive gallery we have prepared for you guys below. This is all for today but we got more extrabigdicks for you guys. See you tomorrow!


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Extra Big Dicks – Double Ended Fun

These jocks doubled the fun and they did it the best way possible. We saw a lot of extra big dicks in action in these updates but it’s been a while since we last saw two guys sharing the same dildo. So we can’t be happier about this one right here. The jocks wanted to spice up their sex life a bit and sex toys were the best way to do it. They’ve used dildos before but it is the first time that they’ve used it at the same time. They’ve seen it in many of the gay porn videos they watched and now it was their turn to try it out.


The two hunks dildo hold back from a lot of things so they get kinkier and kinkier. But no worries they don’t stop at dildo fucking and we’re still gonna see a lot of cock sucking and ass smashing in this one as well. But seeing them showing that dildo in their asses is just too intense. You might think that these older guys don’t have that much fun, but you are wrong, so wrong and below you have the proof. When you think these guys only know two three things they drop this amazing scene. We sure liked it and we are pretty sure that you guys will too so check it out below and stay tuned for more extra big cocks in action!

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Pre Workout Sex

Your favorite hot jocks and their extra big dicks are back for another great update. The guys have their own little routine when it comes to working out. They never go to the gym without having some pre workout sex. The jock started fucking at the gym first but that didn’t work out so good for them. The hunks got caught a few times so the guys decided to keep it indoor from now on. Well, this definitely was a better idea because now the guys have all the time in the world to take care of each other’s asses and we can’t wait to see it all in the gallery below.

The ripped horny jocks took off their clothes showing us their great bodies one more time and teasing us for a bit they made things a lot more interesting with an intense cock sucking session. These dudes just wouldn’t stop and you can see them covering one another with jizz before they moved on. But we are all here to see dem asses getting slammed and it was worth the waiting. Once we saw his extra big dick going deeper and deeper up the other guy’s ass we knew it was worth waiting for it. You can see everything that went down between these two jocks and their extrabigdicks in action one more time. You can see their entire pre-workout sex routine below!


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Extra Big Dicks – Dicking Around in Detention

The guys and their extra big dicks are back with another steamy update for you guys. These jocks love dicking around and this time all the ass fucking took place in detention after classes. Every group has their jerks and these three always have a bit too much fun during classes. But their teachers weren’t going to let that happen as they pleased so they sent them to detention on a daily basis. The guys took advantage of that too and as you can see below when they saw the entire classroom for themselves they made the best out of it. The jocks started undressing, showing off their extra big cocks and their hot bodies. But they are up to so much more and you guys must check it all out in the preview below because it’s too hot to miss out.

The guys started jerking off one another’s dick and soon after that they one all over the teacher’s desk taking turns on nailing their asses and it was so hot. The guys took turns and after all three of them got their mouths and ass slammed they called it a day. The guys made detention fun as well and without any supervision, this is what can happen. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys later with more steamy updates featuring your favorite jocks and their extrabigdicks. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!


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