Physical Pleasures

We got more hunks showing off their extra big dicks in front of the rolling cameras. The jocks were going their physical exams and no, their exam didn’t include ass fucking. The guys had to do their physical exams twice a year, but this time it was so more fun to do it. There were only two guys in a room to keep it more private and while the doctor was busy visiting their teammates these two found a great way to fill their free time. The jocks were already naked so half of the work was already done, now all they had to do was to take advantage of this situation. And they surely did that as you are going to see that below!

The two horny jocks started it all with sucking off their dicks and then they shoved their hard dick up one another’s ass, their extra big cocks. This is why these guys enjoy their physicals exams because for them it’s all pleasure. There’s a lot of heat and action in these rooms and you get to see it all from the best place in the house. These jocks are always a delight for us so we are really excited for you guys to check them out. Like the trannies from theĀ blog, they love fucking on the cam! Enjoy it and make sure you return for more extrabigdicks updates because we got so much more guy on guy action for you guys!


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Extra Big Dicks – Big Dick Tech

We got more extra big dicks for you guys in this latest update. The big dick tech guy had a lot of work to do today and fucking his client was one of those things. He got a call the other day to fix this guy’s computer but something really funny happened. Once he got to his place and fixed his computer he saw a lot of gay porn in his folders. He didn’t want to say anything about it but his client caught him as he was nosing around his porn. Once he saw his porn stash exposed he didn’t know how to react, to be upset or to ignore the whole thing. The poor guy felt so ashamed but the tech guy took that as an invite to try his luck with his cute new client.

No straight guy has gay porn on his computer, that’s for sure. The tech guy made his move and soon after that his client got to take his big dick up his tight ass. This is the biggest the poor had so you gotta check it out so see his face once he sees the tech guy’s extra big dick. You can also see them in action in the video below, sucking and fucking one another’s dick. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more steamy updates!


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Mixed To Perfection

More extra big dicks are here for you guys. This time this guy got his first extra big dick up his ass. He was working as a mechanic and didn’t mind going to his clients’ house to fix their problems. He stumbled upon a lot of dudes but none of them compare with his one. Well, this guy had something special, he was hot and from what he could tell he was into dudes too. Our guy minded his own business and when it was time to get paid, the fun began.The guy didn’t have any cash money on him but asked him to wait until he goes to an ATM. Our guys saved him the walk and proposed another way of solving the payment issue.

It was a long shot but he tried, he got closer to the dude and without saying a word he grabbed his dick. Well, his plan worked out, as you can see below and our guy got really lucky that afternoon. He heard the rumors about black guys but didn’t believe them until this point. Once the guy took off his pants and saw his extra big dick he knew that all the rumors were true. You gotta see this guy getting his big black dick up his ass in the exclusive extrabigdicks scene below. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more scenes!


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Extra Big Dicks – Big Cock Vacation Part 2

These guys are on a continuous vacation but their extra big dicks aren’t! As you can see below they don’t skip on one any chance of fucking their asses and they shared some of their pictures with us too. The guys went to a nice resort to have a few quiet days and they didn’t even get the chance to leave the room. as expected both of them have extra big cocks and they know their way around one another’s ass. The black jocks is the one starting it all and as you can see in the update below he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants. It’s been a while since the last time we had more experienced guys around here and we forgot just how good things can get between them.So let the big cock vacation begin!

Once they got in the room and closed the room they went straight to the bed where they showed us just how much they missed one another, as they were ripping one another’s clothes off and showing off their rock hard dicks. But this isn’t a shooting so the guys minded their own business and sucked off their dicks and then smashed one another’s ass. Those extrabigdicks were put to work in this update, so serious work but it was worth it. See you guys tomorrow with a new update!


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Locker Room Cock

This is your lucky day because we got a fresh update from the locker room. These jocks and their extra big dicks just can’t stay out of trouble. Just look at these two, from the preview, they don’t have any problem what so ever with fucking in the middle of the room right before their team-mates got there. We told you that these athletes always put a great show for us. These two were the first ones to arrive there and they thought to do something in that free time. Although their teammates were about to get there, they still found the time for a quickie. Right there in the middle of the locker room, butt naked slamming their asses on one of the benches.


These guys are too crazy, well actually they are too horny and that isn’t such a bad thing, especially for us. The good news is that no one caught them in action and when the rest of the guys entered the room they assumed that they both came out of the shower. But the important thing is that they had a blast then and we got it all on camera for you guys. You are going to see that besides having great bodies these two also have extrabigdicks so this is a scene you wouldn’t want to miss out. Two horny jocks stuffing their fine asses in a public place? Hot! Check it out below!

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Extra Big Dicks – Big Cock Vacation

This is definitely a big cock vacation. These jocks and their extra big dicks had a blast while nailing their asses and you can see that below. These three jocks were actually on vacation but being an athlete means that you have to train in vacations as well. So before the season started the team got together to play a few times. It’s been a while since the last time we had athletes around here and we must admit that we missed seeing their hot bodies and rock hard dicks in action.

It’s been such a long time since the last time our guys saw one another so there was a lot of catching up to do. So after their first training, they guys stayed a bit more to do that catching up we were talking about earlier. Y’all figured out that these guys didn’t stay over time to talk, so soon after the last guy left the locker room the guys began sucking off their big dicks and then nailed their asses. As you can see below no one was excluded from the action and they got to fuck one another at the same time. You got the best seat in the house as usual so don’t miss out the entire gallery to see these horny athletes in action, blowing their dicks and nailing their asses. See you guys next time with more extrabigdicks updates!


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Let’s Get In Shape

Well having your personal trainer has its good parts. This cute guy got to find that out as soon as the hunk shoved his extra big dick up his ass. Get ready to see more extra big dicks in action! When you want to work out but don’t have the time to do it this is the best way to do. You find yourself a guy that is willing to come to your place and start getting you in shape. But this trainer has a different way of working out and you can see that in the preview below. He doesn’t believe in the old fashion exercises especially when he saw the cute client that he had to train today. Getting in shape is getting more and more fun at least for these two.

The two horny hunks really tried to workout but instead, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another. As you can assume things only got hotter and hotter really fast. Soon after that, the horny trainer was busy nailing his new favorite client. We told that getting in shape can be fun if you have the right trainer. But not everyone can get their hands on a trainer like this one! Until you find your trainer you can check out this one in action int he video below and tell us what you think about him. Enjoy it!


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Extra Big Dicks – Bedside Manner

Bedside manners are important and these jocks are here to show you that. The guys and their extra big dicks didn’t hold back from too many things so get ready to see a lot of ass pounding and dick sucking right from the massage table. We told you that you can’t find better guys anywhere else and this is another proof. The guys were enjoying their weekly massage session when it all started and things moved really fast for them. This massage session has become the best excuse for both of them to fuck each other on a weekly basis and after seeing some of their older scenes you can assure you that each time these guys give it their best.


But they didn’t skip the massage part, that put them in the right mood for what was going to happen next, it was their foreplay. So besides lots and lots of ass nailing, you are going to see a full body massage and our hunk getting every inch of his body massaged. The horny masseur always leaves his dick last because that needs a lot more care and once he gets his extra big dick in his mouth you know that things are getting started. The two ripped jocks offered us another great extrabigdicks scene and in this one, you are actually going to see extra big cocks in action. So make sure you check it out and we’ll see you tomorrow with more!

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Ground and Pound

We got some fresh meat for you guys. These youngsters couldn’t wait to start blowing and riding their extra big dicks and they did a great job. Like we said these guys are in the mood for some action and like everyone knows college is the place to try out different things. Well, these guys weren’t that interested in smoking and drinking they were just horny all the time, looking for some action. Somehow these two got in the same dorm room and soon after that, they found out that they share more. Both being interested in guys really worked out for them and as you can see below they found their own way of bonding. And yes by bounding we actually mean smashing asses in between classes when everyone is at school and not bothering them.

They sure enjoy college life to the fullest and below they sent us a small part of their college experience. For two youngsters, 19yo, these guys surprised us all once we got to see their extra big cocks. These guys don’t play around and you better see them in action. In the scene below the guys had a great time taking turns on smashing their asses and also getting their filthy mouth filled as well. These guys got to us and we are sure that you’ll enjoy it as well so check out the entire extrabigdicks gallery below!


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Extra Big Dicks – Barber Shop Sex

We know that you guys really like extra big dicks so we brought another great update. This time everything takes place at the barber shop where you are going to see two more hunks slamming their asses. There’s been a lot of heat around the barber shop lately and these hunks really don’t mess around. A good haircut deserves a good ass smashing and our horny barber didn’t have a black ass in a while. They were the last two there and right when we thought that the shop is going to close up these two started it off. We told that there is a lot of heat surrounding this barber shop and there’s always something good coming out of it.

Things escalated quickly and in no time the black jock was naked, showing off his rock hard bod, ready to test out his favorite barber. As you got used both of the hunks have amazing bodies but the main focus isn’t on their bodies, we are all waiting to see those big dicks in action. You might be confused when you see the barber but he’s full of surprises trust us. No foreplay, no nothing these two went straight to action and you are going to see them blowing their extra big cocks and then shoving them in their fine asses. Click here if you wanna see some hot ladyboys in hardcore anal sex videos and pics! These extra hours really paid off and in this barber shop, the customer always leaves pleased. See them in action in the update below!


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