Locker Room Cock

This is your lucky day because we got a fresh update from the locker room. These jocks and their extra big dicks just can’t stay out of trouble. Just look at these two, from the preview, they don’t have any problem what so ever with fucking in the middle of the room right before their team-mates got there. We told you that these athletes always put a great show for us. These two were the first ones to arrive there and they thought to do something in that free time. Although their teammates were about to get there, they still found the time for a quickie. Right there in the middle of the locker room, butt naked slamming their asses on one of the benches.


These guys are too crazy, well actually they are too horny and that isn’t such a bad thing, especially for us. The good news is that no one caught them in action and when the rest of the guys entered the room they assumed that they both came out of the shower. But the important thing is that they had a blast then and we got it all on camera for you guys. You are going to see that besides having great bodies these two also have extrabigdicks so this is a scene you wouldn’t want to miss out. Two horny jocks stuffing their fine asses in a public place? Hot! Check it out below!

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