Extra Big Dicks – Public Hole

We got another great one for you guys! These guys had some fun in one of the public bathrooms last night. They couldn’t keep their extra big dicks to themselves so they had some one on one action in the bathroom. The two hot jocks were in the same pub and after exchanging a few looks they bumped into each other in the bathroom. No straight guy is going to check out another dude that often so the question if they are gay, is off the table. Once they saw that they had the entire bathroom to themselves they made the best they could. They went to a bathroom stall and got to know one another better.

It’s no surprise that these two ended up slamming their asses. We didn’t get too much action from public places lately so this is a good start. The cute black guy couldn’t get his hands of the big dick in front of him and after he sucking it dry he got to take it up his ass also. This actually was a public hole and we got all the dirt in the gallery below. It was a really fun scene to check out and like you said earlier you can get to see it entirely by following the link below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more steamy updates. Stay tuned for more extrabigdick scenes!


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