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Last updated: May 25th, 2017
Another week has passed and we are back with your favorite extra big dicks scenes. We brought you some wet inches tonight as these two guys enjoyed a hardcore fucking session under the shower. The younger one is the naughty one. He surprised his friend in the shower and stared to rub his cock thru the pants right there. Lucky for him, the kinky dude invited him inside and the very next moment they were liking one another’s ass or sucking the fat cocks.

As you will see, that younger dude found himself an extrabigdicks tonight. Surprising his friend showering, he showed some interest for his tool. That is a large tool and he was craving after one. The very next moment he was chocking on it, making sure is hard enough for his tight ass. You will see him having the asshole licked, then stretched to limits by the cock he just sucked. His new partner will show no mercy for his hole, but that is exactly what he was looking for from the very beginning. The two will fuck, taking turns on riding each other’s cock and the end surprise them with the cute faces painted with fresh jizz. Watch that younger stud making the large cock disappear into his ass, also spreading the buttocks and taking the cock inside standing. Have fun watching, you all and be here for more next week. See you all then! If you liked this video and you are looking for similar content, enter the wurstfilm blog!

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Extra Big Dicks – Big Morning Plans Video

Hello, you all and welcome back! It is time for fresh extra big dicks content and tonight is the night you all are going to enjoy some big dicks which will be all over your screens in a couple of moments. This horny dude who will star tonight’s scene is actually a straight guy who tries a tights man’s ass for the first time. Watch him enjoying a professional blowjob, then stretching that hairy ass for your viewing delight. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss that.

So the horny dude woke up with this huge boner. It seems like he had a hard night, some straight sex, as he is all with lipstick. Anyway, some friend is knocking to his door and he answer having that boner in the pants. That friend of his is a gay friends who knows about his giant cock. Seeing him like that, he cannot take his eyes off the gorgeous cock and begs his friend to leave him just to touch it a little. He knew that this will make the stud even hornier and soon his ass will be fucked. Well, the very next moment he was regurgitate the fat tool, gagging the throat on it and massaging the balls. He’ll bend and his tight ass will be stretched for your viewing delight. Just cum inside extrabigdicks and enjoy the two fucking like there’s no tomorrow, watch that naughty gay dude corrupting his buddy into some gay sex and ending spraying the cum all over each other. For similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, check out the http://thugorgy.org/ site and see some cock hungry gay guys sucking and riding big dicks!

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Horny Van Wilder

Some amazing extra big dicks scene are about to cover your displays since your beloved Van Wilder is here to entertain you with a healthy gay fuck. The stud found himself a younger ass for an anal session and, lucky for you, we caught the two on the cameras. Watch that tooled jock stretching some tight young ass after he had his cock swallowed by the new partner. The two will go hard on each other and at some point I got the feeling that they were competing with each other to see which on goes harder. Just watch!

Extra Big Dicks Van Wilder

As you will see, Van Wilder is the perfect dude for our scenes. This handsome stud not only looks amazing, but he also knows how to fuck, loving at the same time being a bottom. Anyone lucky enough to receive some attention from him is sure not to forget soon. Anyway, that large cock of his will slide down a young throat, the boy sucking it like there’s no tomorrow, making sure he is taking it all into his mouth. He washed it good, then  he bend for some anal stretching. His tight ass also took all that giant cock deep inside. While his partner fucks him handless, the younger dude will moan loudly. Just hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about. Also, stay tuned for more extrabigdicks. We’ll be back. Have fun with Van Wilder and his new sex toy till then. Until then, enter the  blog and see other hot gay guys in hardcore sex videos and pics!

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Extra Big Dicks – The Big Kahuna

We are back with some extra big dicks for you. We have here a gay couple who enjoyed their afternoon having sex on camera. One of them is tooled, even if he is the youngest one. His partner will try to suck on the fat cock, chocking on it then bending for some anal stretching. Just sit back there and enjoy the hungry stud gagging his throat with a younger cock, then bending and taking it all into his itching ass.

As you will see, both were in the mood for crazy things, so they started by teasing each other. They are not together, this is just a fucking session, then both will pretend nothing happened. At least, that was their agreement. Anyway, that younger guy will be first who takes the cock out and his partner will be amazed of the size. It seems like this is something that he likes. Watch him trying it to take it all into his mouth, gagging the throat on it while massaging the balls. A nice piece of meat like that deserves to be washed good before dicing into some other holes. You will see that skilled guy bended for some anal session. He has this great itching deep inside and that big cock is exactly what he was looking for. He fucks the cum out of his buddy, taking it all right into his asshole. Dribble of cum will run down the hairy hole and we made sure to catch the moment with some amazing extrabigdicks close-ups. Stay tuned! Also you might watch some chaosmen free videos and pics if you wanna see other sexy gay guys sucking and riding big fat cocks!

Extra Big Dicks The Big Kahuna

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Serial Fucker

Hello there! Halloween is here and we have a very nice extra big dicks surprise for al of you. We have here two horny stud who enjoyed their Halloween party in a very special way. They went to this gay party and ended the night fucking each other’s hole in the bathroom. And we caught those naughty guys on our camera for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy their special evening, so cum inside and watch them riding the fat cocks and having the asses stretched for you.

Extra Big Dicks Serial Fucker

As you can see, that horny dude with his funny tank shirt will ride his disguisedly partner’s cock shoved deep into his itching hole. Watch him going wild and enjoying his Halloween party in a very kinky way. The couldn’t wait to get home, so they hopped all over each other right in that bistro’s bathroom, even if both were home alone. Just hit the link bellow if you want to enjoy them having the itching holes stretched and taking the nasty jizz all over themselves for the great ending. Those hungry dudes will be your company tonight, so make yourself comfortable and watch them going wild and having the tight holes stretched. They are some really sex addicts, just like the guys from the http://samuelotoole.org blog, so enjoy the entire extrabigdicks episode back on our website. Cum  inside and watch the horny dude riding that fat cock and taking it all into his talented mouth. Have fun, you all. Till next time!

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Extra Big Dicks – Pantsed

Here we are again with fresh extra big dicks content since another horny hunks decided to go on camera while having fun with each other. That inked dude will give a special treatment to his partner who had his cock sucked and fucked like it was their last day on Earth. It is so great to see cute guys like them going rough on each other and stretching each other’s holes. Just hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about.

As the extrabigdicks camera starts to roll, our inked stud  is on his knees sucking that yummy cock. He enjoys it so much, the gorgeous tool sliding deep into his mouth, deepthoating and making it disappear. Watch him getting it all hard just to be sure it is exactly how he prefers when it comes to riding cock. He’ll hop on top and the tight ass will be stretched while our guy slowly moans and gets all tense because of that pure pleasure. Feeling the fat cock deep into his ass will give him goose bumps while his partner is enjoying his good riding skills. Squating the fat cock, he’ll have his partner loading the cock in no time. Enjoy his ass getting filled out, dribble of cum running out for the great finale for your viewing delight. Like the guys from the HotBarebacking blog, he loves riding big fat cocks, so I am waiting for you inside with the entire episode. Cum and watch the two fucking the cum out of each other. Watch and drool, you little perverts!

Extra Big Dicks Pantsed

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My Doctor’s A Bottom

Hi there! A great week has passed and your favorite extrabigdicks are back with more. Tonight is a special night and you will see a horny doctor in action. Let me tell you what is this all about, but not before mentioning that tonight’s scene is a gift from us for your fidelity. Extra big dicks put on screens two hot guys who will make sure you enjoy the night with us. Make yourself comfortable and watch one hungry doctor and his patient going wild in that doctor’s office.

So our dude went to this routine check and it seems like his doctor was missing. Instead was this good looking stud who looked simply amazing in his doctor’s smock and that made our stud pretty horny. Once the doctor started to touch him here and there, the patient gets all hard. He will have to take off the pants and that cock will be revealed to the doctor. Well, the kinky doctor was pretty surprised, but not about the boner, but the size. So he can’t take his eyes of that gorgeous cock, and finally will wrap his lips around it with no warning. The horny patient is surprised and also pretty satisfied to have a doctor washing his cock. You can bet the doctor also hoped on top of that sweet cock right there on the exam table, making the hard tool fully disappear into his wet eager ass. Just hit the link bellow and cum inside to see their cock blowing the daily jizz all over the place. Like hot Rod Daily, he is crazy about swallowing big loads of cum! See you all next week!

Extra Big Dicks My Doctor's A Bottom

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I’m The Bottom?

Hello, you all and welcome back! We brought you some extra big dicks and I hope you’ll agree when I say these are the best from our last ones. I am saying that because tonight’s star are both tolled and will entertain with their large cocks, fucking each other to exhaustion. Watch that hairy dude on all fours taking a large piece of hard deep his ass, then also stretching his partner’s throat and ass. Just make yourself comfortable and see exactly what I’m talking about.

So if you cum inside you will find these tooled studs sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow. Both are entertaining with some large cocks, so tonight you’ll get a double dose. His itching ass needs a serious scratching,  so he bends, going on all fours and take the large tool deep inside\ right after he sucked on it eagerly. The tight ass will be stretched to limits, then it’s his turn to fuck. Enjoy him having his partner riding his fat cock like a pro taking it all with no problems and going harder and faster until the partner jumps up just to spray the nasty jizz all over that rider’s face. Great moment. Cum inside and find this great extra big dicks episode from the very beginning till the and when both are having the big balls emptied. See you all next week with more. Also if you wanna see other hot gay guys getting ass fucked, enter the nextdoorworld blog! Have fun and see you next time, we have lots of surprises for you!

Extra Big Dicks I'm The Bottom

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Extra Big Dicks – Home Alone

Hello, you little perverts and welcome back! We brought you some extra big dicks and two hungry studs who enjoyed a nice evening in front of the camera. That inked dude came to his buddy’s home as he was home alone and took advantage of the fact that his family was away till tomorrow. The two fucked each other to exhaustion and we caught them on our for your entertainment. Grab a seat and watch them stretching each other’ ass and throat or licking the balls and hairy ass.

Extra Big Dicks Home Alone

As you can see, that innocent looking stud loves going hard on his inked partner. He is home alone and will enjoy some quality time with the other stud. The family has no idea about his sexual orientations and he’ll enjoy the fucking session only when home alone. Now he fully enjoyed the night as he fucked his partner in all these hot positions. Watch him eagerly sucking on his cock, then getting to the balls and ass, just to get  ready the nice hole for is large tool. He will have it washed before, the inked dude showing us his skills. He sure knows how to deep throat and and hope he’ll be back. After he took the large cock down his throat, chocking on it a little, he bend and took the large dick deep into his ass. He’s crazy about getting his ass fucked! That crazy dude will show no mercy for the tight hole, going balls deep inside and making that inked dude moaning for your viewing pleasure, just like hot Cum inside for the entire extrabigdicks scene! Also you can enter the nextdoor buddies site and see other gorgeous gay men getting their tight holes stretched by big fat cocks!

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Big Release

Hello, you all and welcome back! It is time for some extra big dicks scene and for that we have a very nice surprise for all of you. We have here a older hungry hunk and one fat black cock. The two are so getting along, the mature guy being such a cock lover while the other one loves shoving his huge cock into any holes. Well, tonight you will see them all, from fucking to balls licking, then ass stretching and for the end the two will have the warm jizz sprayed all over themselves. You cannot miss this one.

So that older dude prefers extra big dicks. His mouth and ass literally cries after them and once he sees a black dude he will do whatever to get that cock out his pants.Like hot Austin Wilde., he’s crazy about sucking big cocks, so he knows they are tooled and has his own methods to make them wanting his holes. This time he picked up this dude from a bar and promised him that will give a night will always remember. And sure he did. Watch the hungry dude taking that large cock deep down his throat, then bending for some healthy anal. He loves felling his hole stretching it to limits and this tooled guy will stretch it for sure with the huge cock. The two will not stop easily. Watch them fucking in different positions, enjoy that older guy licking some ass right before diving inside and also having his cock sucked for the great finale and that warm fresh jizz sprayed on his partner face. Great image. Hit the link bellow for more!

Extra Big Dicks Big Release

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